Corporate Philosophy

We are in the service business and our success in the service business is determined by our success in serving our customers, creating a work environment which attracts and holds capable, conscientious, Honest, Dedicated Employees and establishing relationships based upon integrity with our companies. Our Goals is to be the leader in providing hospitality in the insurance industry.

Our Guests/Customers

We will provide our customers with unmatched friendly and courteous service. Furthermore, we will provide high quality products from leading companies that are second to none. We will be competitively priced on all products and services. We will treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Our Employees

Our employees are the primary keys to our success. To attract and hold quality people, we strive to pay competitive wages, offer attractive fringe benefits by industry standards and provide a challenging, high integrity environment where rewards are based on performance.

We require high standards for employee performance. There is absolutely no place in our company for poor, substandard performance, which in the long-run hurts all of our employees as well as our customers. We want to share the success of our company with those who contribute to our success. We expect complete honesty and loyalty to the company and we expect all employees to live by the rules and regulations of the company. Personal integrity is one of the most valuable assets an employee can possess. Dishonesty cannot and will not be tolerated at any level or in any relationship with customers, companies, company reps, or employees to the agency.

The management of this company makes the following commitment to all employees: no employee will ever be treated as a number and each employee will be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Companies

Our companies are key to our long-term success. We must be fair and honest with our companies. Remember that in order for a relationship to last and prosper, the relationship must fill a need of each person involved in the relationship. We expect top performance from our companies and commit ourselves to perform at the same level.

Our Agency

Our agency must deserve and earn the respect of our customers, companies, competition, and most of all, our employees. We want an agency where every employee is proud to say, “I help make Heiner’s Insurance Center what it is!”